It’s News… But not as you know it.

A friends post on Facebook brought a book to my attention.  I tracked it down and bought it.  At this point I feel that I should point out that the majority of this post is blatant plagiarism.   But it tickled me, so I shall share. As I may have already mentioned, I live in the UK.  To be more precise,Read more

So I am at it again…

For years I have put it off,  I had enough other stuff on my mind. Once I was happy about my weight and looks, then I had quite a turbulent time in relationships in my life. At the end of the storm I came out the other end with quite a few extra kilograms but I was happy. I hadRead more

Perspective: But it is a black square!

Why, yes it is. It is a black square. Fetch me my soapbox. When I get on one of my slightly pissy rants on the beauty of paintings and the concept of paintings as art, I must admit I hold no particular love for abstract art, nonetheless there is a specific painting that is used as an example of poorRead more

How can they do this to ME???

Sunday evening, 9 pm, in an old and battered 737-300 surrounded by tired and grouchy people, waiting to go home to Poland. “Ladies and gentlemen, we apologise but our First Officer cannot fly. We are waiting for a replacement. We apologise for the delay and hope to be in the air shortly” No matter who you are, I bet yourRead more

Finding Ferly

I don't know what I want to do with my corner of this blog site! I had some grandiose idea of a multisectional story that would go on for months and have a clever ending but I'm not feeling inspired any more. I want the words to flow from my imagination and out my fingertips onto the seemingly enormous white spaceRead more

Perspective: What is it?

Did you guys read about that thing? Or did you see that news piece about that guy? You did? Then it is about due time I get my soapbox and preach. Sorry. René Margritte. Does that name mean anything to you? If it does and you know where this is going, you can skip my sermon altogether. If not, thenRead more


Grasshoppers are one of nature's tiny miracles. They spend their little lives hopping around sun kissed meadows, bringing joy to all that hear them. In my youth I spent many happy hours tracking them down, just to marvel at their little insecty forms. And how can anyone fail to love any creature that befriends and helps a delightful cartoon marionette?Read more

Online – Offline

Last week I was at a friends birthday party, I met their nieces and nephews who I had seen on Facebook before but some of them never in real life. I realised the world has changed significantly in the last 20 years. I have seen some of these kids grow up online, baby pictures, first steps, first bike, first schoolRead more

I Think I’m Broken

The title says it all.  I can only assume that there is something wrong with my brain.  With the way I think.  Cos, a lot of the time, I just don’t get it. I watch stuff on TV, I read stuff in books or on the interweb (I completely avoid the papers), listen to stuff on the radio.  And thenRead more

Everything is awry as usual – A dangerous sociopath to go down…

Well for this weeks lesson kids, it will be about the obsession to influence other peoples lives for the benefit of a mild internet erection. One of the new waves that is slowly growing on the internet is putting your lives out on the internet. That is far from new, but this time with a small and potentially dangerous twist.Read more

Evan Broch

Evan Broch’s awkward teen years still hadn’t passed by the time he was 21. He never excelled in school so he never considered any sort of higher education. He manage to land several jobs but never held onto them for long, though generally through no fault of his own. The young Mr. Broch always just seemed to be in theRead more

Chapter 07: Brawn and Brains in Bruck

Ron looked terrified at June. He did not have to say a word though. June nodded anxiously and got up. She stopped in front of the hotel room door and a knock louder than before almost scared her. Ron walked to the balcony door at the back of the hotel room. He could see June straight ahead of him atRead more