Misplaced Ire

In case you didn’t already know, I have a degenerative illness that will probably mean that I will be in a wheelchair before I die.  I already need a walking stick to get around.  I have a car that is modified so I don’t have to use my feet (it has a kinda joystick thing to do the accelerating andRead more

ProduX #1

I remember last New Years Eve, we toasted to 2014 and someone (I can not remember who and it does not really matter), asked me: "What do you think 2014 will bring?" I had a few guesses, but none have come through thus far, but there is still some time left before rejecting my theories conclusively. At any rate, myRead more

My top and bottom 3 fan service

  This month I want to give a shot at my current favorites in the world of television animation and my three evasion. I do not intend to put them in any winning or losing order, other than the indication of what I like and dislike. So number 1 is not a symbol of the one I like most. etc.Read more

All bunged up

It’s that time of year.  You try and cover yourself by avoiding leaving the house.  You try to convince yourself and others that it is cos you are skint after having to buy Christmas presents for the millions of kids that have popped into existence over the last few years.  And because you love and are loved by at leastRead more

Chapter 06: From London with Love

They returned to their hotel and packed their backs late in the afternoon and headed for the airport. When arriving at the airport, just as they were boarding the plane, they heard a

familiar shriek in the distance: “June! Young lady, stop right there!” The lawyer and the chief of police was running through the airport having spotted the two of them boarding, but a

flight attendent stopped them in their sprint. “Sir, can I see your papers, please?”

Everything is awry as usual – Whistle while you work

  This text… this ourburst of frustration… this cry for help has been brought to you by 30 minutes of radio reprise. I have been thinking about this for a long time now. How much can a person take of peoples bad habits before it is okay to intervene or make them aware that they are soon pining for theRead more

Seen it. Got the T-Shirt!

'Canterbury is a major tourist centre in the county of Kent. Even though it was bombed relentlessly during the Second World War (the Blitz), it still contains many ancient buildings, and modern building development within the medieval town centre is strictly regulated by officials at Canterbury. It Is Located Near The Wye Downs, Chartham, Chillam and Ashford In Kent, homeRead more


Happy New Year! Ferly and I wish you all the best for 2014 and we promise to make time to put up more posts! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who visits our little site.

Birds are stupid

On Boxing Day, as is our wont, we got together as a family for a nice lunch in a posh pub.  During a convenient break in the eating, Bro and I slipped out for a fag.  I stood there comfortable and content, surveying the beautiful green countryside (glossing over the area cleared for future building next to the pub…  NeatlyRead more

I don’t get older, just wiser.

A New Year looms before us. 2014. And I have some resolutions; or should I say they are WIPs? The good thing about growing older wiser is finding out what matters in your life. And what doesn't. I can't change the way others act around me, or think of me, but I can decide how it affects me and myRead more

Everything is awry as usual – Game features in RL

If my life was a game, would I play it? Let us look at both issues from each appealing angle. Life, happy to live it; good graphics and all the other tiny jokes that stopped being funny around 1998. What would improve life on a normal basis, what is it in games that make them more appealing to us ifRead more

Perspective: Songs

When I look over the 12,000 word continuation of the June/Jonas story and find that it is not really the material you expect during the holiday season, so I am waiting for my next post to continue the story. This month I want to do something a bit more cheerful by which I of course mean, I am going toRead more