Whitstable Daikaiju

You know what it’s like…  It’s the middle of the night and you are awake.  Awake and hungry.  You’re not going to sleep until you have eaten something.  And right now, the only thing that will sate your needs is a fry-up.  Bacon, eggs, chips and beans.  So what can you do?  Sit there and whinge or go cook. IRead more

Overnight trains: Ukrainian vs. Polish

I recently went to a conference in Lviv, Ukraine. There are a limited number of international flights to Lviv so I had to fly to Kyiv and take the overnight train. In August, my airline decided they no longer wanted to fly to Kyiv and cancelled my return journey. The closest towns that could give me overnight travel and flightsRead more

Gussi’s tail

Everyone knows that if you get one cat, you want another. And another. And another. By 2008 I had several cats (most of them related) – but this story is about Gussi. I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside, and can have more than one kitty. More cats equal no vermin. The first batch of kittens were planned loveRead more

Perspective: Getting back into WoW

Another perspective segment? Yes. I have been recently seperated from the love of my life, my piano, but not for long as I see a reunion in the not-so-far future. That is to say within two weeks from the time of writing. Then I can get back to the ProduX #3 project. For now, ranty-times intensifies: The new World ofRead more

Everything is awry as usual – I think I disappointed myself

It has been a while since I did the last post, moving along quickly. I have been a lazy bastard not forcing in the 25th hour in my busy schedule to make up some in-depth cock’n bull about my feelings and/or my observations upon life itself in its many turns and twists… oh god somebody please stop this sente… TonightRead more

To read… or not to read…

Usually when musing, I tend to create an interesting title then get all ambiguous before bringing all together and attempting to make sense of it all towards the end.  I like to think that it makes it interesting.  Not this time.  Not so much. READ!!!  ALWAYS READ!!! Whether it be the daily papers, blogs, biographies or novels…  Immerse yourselves inRead more

It’s News… But not as you know it.

A friends post on Facebook brought a book to my attention.  I tracked it down and bought it.  At this point I feel that I should point out that the majority of this post is blatant plagiarism.   But it tickled me, so I shall share. As I may have already mentioned, I live in the UK.  To be more precise,Read more

So I am at it again…

For years I have put it off,  I had enough other stuff on my mind. Once I was happy about my weight and looks, then I had quite a turbulent time in relationships in my life. At the end of the storm I came out the other end with quite a few extra kilograms but I was happy. I hadRead more

Perspective: But it is a black square!

Why, yes it is. It is a black square. Fetch me my soapbox. When I get on one of my slightly pissy rants on the beauty of paintings and the concept of paintings as art, I must admit I hold no particular love for abstract art, nonetheless there is a specific painting that is used as an example of poorRead more

How can they do this to ME???

Sunday evening, 9 pm, in an old and battered 737-300 surrounded by tired and grouchy people, waiting to go home to Poland. “Ladies and gentlemen, we apologise but our First Officer cannot fly. We are waiting for a replacement. We apologise for the delay and hope to be in the air shortly” No matter who you are, I bet yourRead more

Finding Ferly

I don't know what I want to do with my corner of this blog site! I had some grandiose idea of a multisectional story that would go on for months and have a clever ending but I'm not feeling inspired any more. I want the words to flow from my imagination and out my fingertips onto the seemingly enormous white spaceRead more

Perspective: What is it?

Did you guys read about that thing? Or did you see that news piece about that guy? You did? Then it is about due time I get my soapbox and preach. Sorry. René Margritte. Does that name mean anything to you? If it does and you know where this is going, you can skip my sermon altogether. If not, thenRead more