A Strawberry in Champagne

A Strawberry in Champagne

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A wise old lady taught me that life begins the second you wake up. Every morning. At 73, she and her husband would flee to the south of Europe every summer, rent a gorgeous old convertible and drive around like lunatics.

I’m not 73 (yet), unmarried (but engaged), drive a Mercedes (Lady Plum the station wagon) and spend my holidays in Ukraine (Pripyat/Chernobyl exclusion zone).

We live in the gorgeous countryside of Norway, with 11cats and no money. I’m trying to finish my PhD on Asteroma frondicola whilst fighting the Norwegian health system and trying to find a diagnosis for my weird syndrome.

I like home-made plonk, English scrumpy, French Blanc de noirs and chanterelles. I don’t mind killing what I eat and don’t ask me my views on organic farming. My garden is 209.35 acres and is filled with trees, mushrooms, birds of prey and poachers. I hate animal cruelty, bigots and brussel sprouts.