Everything is awry as usual – Whistle while you work

Everything is awry as usual – Whistle while you work


This text… this ourburst of frustration… this cry for help has been brought to you by 30 minutes of radio reprise.

I have been thinking about this for a long time now. How much can a person take of peoples bad habits before it is okay to intervene or make them aware that they are soon pining for the fjord?

Let me start at the root of this issue. Everyone has a bad habit that they are either not aware of or do not care enough that others are grinding their teeth to everything they are doing. I am not talking about smoking at work or overly abusing the time it takes to wolf down coffee to make their coffee generated corpus work for the next 28 seconds. It is about the little things. Especially the things we do to entertain ourselves to get through a mundane workday.


I have been on the “work marked” for a rather extensive time about now and somehow it has made me more woundable against annoying habits and overused sentences. I have them myself, and I am aware of some of my annoying sentences when I work.  But by noticing it I can alter or change it?  The things that grind are the ones that are totally oblivious that they are driving you around the bat.

This is where compassion comes in. I should allow everyone to act like they want or I suppress their personality and creative outlet.

This is where cynicism comes in. There is no creative outlet where I am. Acting like you want and often being a dick about everyone’s behavior and opinions are a major part of my daily experience at the treadmill.

I am honestly trying to be mellow about the whole gender humor, that died around 1950, and the blatant racism haunting the corners of the halls while ignorance is replaced with cheap shots at anything that isn’t related to work or expensive cars.

How long can a parlance be allowed to live?

I am 335 words in and already sounding like a child here, but finding my kinsmen so one dimensional is really hurting my national pride and hope for humanity.

Back to the issue at hand, our sponsor needs to get a little add time here too.

The major point that made me kick the overflowing glass of water through the room, is our resident song bird… song parrot would be more precise. We are a large corporation, on Danish scales, and the populous needs their distraction that we are just drones trying to survive. This is where the radio comes in. I like radio… I liked radio… somehow I have begun to dread it…

Most people would normally like the radio, and for this we have one installed, obviously at the central point of the various work stations. Here we listen to the popular music of the day/week/year which often is the same 6 American generic RnB numbers currently torturing the nation combined with 2 or 3 Danish numbers, which once more prove that Danish is not a artistic language. We nearly have words for it all, but it doesn’t cling as well as English or Spanish… or even French (although every time someone sings French to me, I either think they are weird or telling me how they would take me down and make sweet something to me).

Tangential… sorry.

The only way to make people like and remember the modern music is to make it melodic and easy to remember. The words are, 96% of the time, extremely redundant.  And therefore the main tune is catchy.


If it isn’t enough that our local parrot loves to whistle more than breathing! Our parrot will whistle the same little gimmick of the tune from the radio for half an hour, if there isn’t a more catchy tune between that and the fucking next one. How can someone be that oblivious to see that whistling the same sounds that just came “professionally” out of the radio isn’t grinding anyone’s gears?

This made me think about other things that are getting on your tits (if you have them), or nerves for the rest of us (I guess). I experience the daily rants of people yelling about why we seem to stand still, although I do not smoke and therefore not waste half my workday doing NOTHING. I find hatred and racism in half the conversations I have with colleagues, completely unknown to the superiors and the people they are angry at.

No one wants to say what is annoying others in fear of a conflict, and by that creating a really tense atmosphere. I try… I really try to stay neutral with the entire staff, although that has become impossible at this point. The shit I hear, the frustrations vented over details and issues that aren’t even close to the truth. Small things grow into annoyance and we watch for more.  We really need to hate someone properly. Anything will do to fuel that swelling hatred and if there isn’t anything else to put a finger on.

Shit, let’s just make up the assumption that they are doing something unwholesome and weird so we can twist our world view of them and anything they say or do!

This is why I sigh. I am trying not to hate my fellow men, but they are not making it easy for me. Forgive and forget has turned to forgive blindly or you will turn into the same bastard coated bastard with bastard fillings as they are.

Can you stop this for occurring before it becomes too much? Is there a way to stop bad habits or overpowering temperaments before it blows out of proportions?

If I change my bad habits, will people notice a change and ask me why I have done so?  And gently telling them that I tried to alter my bad habits to make it a better place, will they look inward or just tell me it was about fucking time because I was getting on their perfectly balanced nerves?

I don’t know. I have not plucked up the courage to tackle the major issues yet. We tend to live and let live in the workspace.  So we can see each other tomorrow too. I already have a paper thin stalemate with a few colleagues and why tempt fate by ignoring the tangled web that is workspace communication/gossip. If I start telling one off for being annoying and wishing they would stop their bad habits or hate fueled racism or gender issues, wouldn’t it just make them go to those I have a stalemate with and backfire. Fuck, yes it will.


This is the most extensive game of chess I have ever played and the worst thing is. I have a contract so I need to stay on the board for at least another month.

The only thing that can come close to what I am feeling right now is Zugzwang.