Ferly the I Have a Love Hate Relationship

Ferly the I Have a Love Hate Relationship

I used to play this game…

I spent not just hours or even days, but years playing this game. I love this game, it’s my favorite game, there is no other game quite like it. To this day I long for it, I crave it, I mourn for it and though the game still exists and I could play it if I wanted to, I don’t. Because I hate it.

I don’t like how it’s changed over the years. Sure it’s still basically the game I love. It looks the same for the most part, but , in fact, it has changed too much! I think some of the changes were good, but this last big change was the last straw. As an addict someone who plays games for fun, I don’t want to be a slave in a game any more than I want to do the dishes or laundry or cleaning in real life. I just want to play and have fun!

IMO the game “developers” have turned the game into a chore and ruined it. Sure, it was bit chore-ish, but nothing like this last time. If I just did the dailies, I would never have time to actually play and have fun, let alone do the dishes or laundry or cleaning in real life. You have to do the dailies though. Casual player? I think that phrase might be an oxymoron in relation to this game. You can’t play part time or just do the fun stuff, nope. You have to do at least 4 hours of daily chores or screw you!

Oh but, on the other hand! I met some of the best people I’ve ever known and had some of the best times with them that I’ve ever had. I wish things could be like they were, I want vanilla! Sure I appreciated some of the things that made it easier like going from 40 to 25 and even 10 but I don’t want to get into picking apart what changes were good or bad. I mostly just want to reminisce about the old days, the things that make me spoilt for other games.

Bottom line? No game will ever be to me what this game was, no people will ever be as great and wonderful, and as far as I know I will never again have the time to dedicate to playing a game like I did with this one. But, I don’t feel cheated. In fact, I am glad that the game went to shit or I’d probably still be playing it. I do miss the people though. I miss them a whole lot.

Yup, I love that game. It’s shit and I hate it.


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