Ferly the My Name is Eddie Humbert, This is a Day in My Life

Ferly the My Name is Eddie Humbert, This is a Day in My Life

If you were challenged to write about a day in your life, how would you proceed? The only instruction you were given was “write about a day in your life”. Not a specific day, not an average day, not your best day or your worst, just “a” day.

No small task with no specific instruction! So would you write about an average day? A best day or a worst day? Would you pick a day and write it all down so you could compile it later? Would you choose to use the task to champion a cause? Alert the world to yours or a loved one’s particular affliction? Would you make up a day that you’d like to have? Or maybe a day where you just change the outcome so that snappy comeback didn’t come to you later in the shower but right in the moment when you needed it.

Would you include every detail of the day you write about? Would that quick wank in the shower be told in detail? How about the poop you took after lunch? Would you go into detail, or simply say “I had a poop after lunch”? Would you embellish and describe how the girl at the sandwich shop flirted with you so if your friends read your story they would be impressed? Or would you leave that out, true or not, in case your wife read it?

Would you describe in great detail about the sunset you stopped to watch on your way home, even though you were actually in a bar with no windows? Would you want everyone to know your private pain or secret fetish? Would you hint at things you want known or gloss over details that could “out” you?

You could write about the day you accepted something about yourself and use the task be to cleanse your soul or exorcise your demons! You could write about a day where you apologize to everyone you ever wronged, even if the day was fictional. You could also write about sweet revenge, even if it too was fictional. You could expose the deepest darkest corners of your heart and enjoy the freedom of living a life without shame, or experience so much shame that you are never able to look anyone you know in the eyes again!

So, what would you do in regards to writing about a day in YOUR life? I know what I would do!

My name is Eddie Humbert and this is a day in my life…