Syrian is the new Orange

Syrian is the new Orange

Recently I have watched a couple of documentaries that are part of a season that the BBC are running on racism in the modern day. Very few of the opinions expressed referred to skin colour (other than in the one on the KKK). Some were (mainly in the one on the KKK.  They do seem to have an issue with those of duskier skin tones). But almost always they were followed up by references to the belief system that their chosen ethnic group subscribes to. And generally (but not exclusively) they turned out to be Muslims… apparently.

In my youth it was blacks being picked on by whites. If you weren’t white you were black.

Then there was a bit of differentiation. All were equally hated by the racists in general. But there were off-shoots of bigotry. Hatred seemed to be based upon a Dulux colour matching card, with limited hues.

‘These three or four shades are ok. These five or six are “Paki’s”. We hate them cos they are “Paki’s”. The rest of them are “Darkies”. We hate them cos… um… we always have.’

Back in the good old day’s racism was so much simpler. You could be a bigoted hatemonger without too much thought, and a handy, pocket sized, colour swatch.

But modern times bought us different religions and cultures. And you can’t colour code a religion. Now as an “upright member of society, who doesn’t mean anyone any harm to anyone. But just feels that Britain should be for the British” things are getting tricky.  ‘Culture’ seems to be the new buzz word.



‘Ok, you are black. I mean properly black. But you are third generation British. And you agree that Britain should be for British people. But you’re black, and your British…

And you… you’re a Pa… oh, Indian. There is a difference? Ok. And you are fourth generation British.

This is not good. It is undermining my fundamental beliefs…  Oh, right… Culture.  Your culture isn’t ours.  We’ll go with that.’


Let’s gloss over the fact that our culture is a mix of French, Scandanavian and pretty much anyone who moved in during the middle ages.  And that our nations culture has been fluid and changing… well, for ever.  Cos that is what culture does.


This is where your average racist gets confused and goes one of four ways.

Way 1 – Stick to yer guns.

“They ain’t white so I hate em”. Some things and some people never change. Hell, let’s face it… Change is bad. We fear change. Sod change, let’s stick with what we know. It’s easier than thinking.


Way 2 – Switch targets.

“Britain is for the British! Not quite sure who is proper British anymore. But I know who the fuck isn’t. IMIGRANTS!!!! I hate them. Oh, and Muslims!  They blow shit up!”. Change is bad. We fear change. The politicians and the papers are telling me that the immigrants are changing things. They must be right cos I have seen change. My Auntie doesn’t get the nurse coming round like she used to. My sisters kids day care is gone. The hospital is about to close it’s A&E department. It’s the immigrants, right?  Oh, and the bloody Muslims!


Way 3 – Diversify.

“I fuckin’ hate immigrants. But I still hate everyone I already hated. In fact I hate everyone who isn’t either me or one of my family. And I hate some of them.  But if you don’t completly abandon the heritage and culture of your forefathers and embrace that of mine, (who may or may not have also moved here at some point…  But did it before yours, so stop trying to confuse me!!!)  I will hate you! Oh, and the Muslims!  Everyone hates them, right?  But I might hate them less if they stopped blowing shit up”. You don’t have to give up yer old hobbies when you get a new one.


Way 4 – Start to think for yourself.

I know a couple of people that were neo-nazis. Swastika tattoos and everything.  By everthing, I mean the belief and the activism…

Then they fell in with a different crowd (They didn’t just trip over something.  It took thought, effort, sacrifice and huge balls to take the first step.  And the next two or three!  I don’t wanna cheapen what they did.)  They looked back at what they thought and did, and decided that it wasn’t the way they wanted to live their lives. They blacked over the tatoos (with more ink, obviously) chilled out and have had pretty lovely lives since (with the usual life shit, anyway.  It just involved less violence).  They are good people.

I say this like it is a panacea for racism. It is not. Racism would not exist if someone hadn’t thought of it for themself. But almost all bigotry these days is because of people who can’t be arsed to think for themselves.  They choose to believe the words of someone charismatic enough to sound like they know what they are talking about.  Those that spout the words that feed into the peoples fears.


Why the charismatic one is spouting bigotry is open for argument. Maybe they just want the feeling of power of having a following, and have spotted a trigger point to get this. Maybe they just talk a lot about anything, but found that people listened to this. They like it when people listen. Maybe they actually believe it.  (Please note –  Not all charismatic people spout bigotry. Some spout capitalism, communism, healty eating…  And some spout no agenda’s at all)

Syrian 1


But apparantly these people are currently the greatest threat to my nation and my way of life.

Yes, when I look at images like this my first thought is to feel threatened.




Shit… I’m not even going to say that bigotry and racism are wrong. I personally believe that they are. But who am I to say that my opinion is any more valid or correct the next peson.

That said… If I see it happening before me, I will step in to express my point of view. And as a cripple, I always carry a stick. A stick can be helpful in getting your point across when properly applied.


A simple guide for modern UK racists

If they look foreign they are probably Muslims. Hate them. If they sound foreign they are probably Syrian immigrants. Hate them. If they both look and sound foreign, fill yer boots.

Don’t bother talking to them. It is so much more fun hurling abuse and then going home feeling good that you were standing up for your nation and nationality. Tell your friends about it and let them share your national pride.

Vote UKIP. (They aren’t racists either… Honest)



Yeah, I failed on the months theme again.  Does that make me a bad person?


[Oh, and if you are confused about the hamster pic…  It’s an Orange Syrian.  And yes…  If I’d put more time into it I could probably have found one without the stock photo shit all over it.  But I spent hours typing, editing… drinking. Suck it up.  You want better?  Tap the boss for a slot and step up.  Are you not at all impressed that I found a pic to tie a glib title to the topic…  And it’s cute]

[But seriously.  If you got it… step up (in a welcoming way).  What’s the worst that could happen?]