Everything is awry as usual – Game features in RL

Everything is awry as usual – Game features in RL

If my life was a game, would I play it?

Let us look at both issues from each appealing angle. Life, happy to live it; good graphics and all the other tiny jokes that stopped being funny around 1998. What would improve life on a normal basis, what is it in games that make them more appealing to us if we should adapt them to a everyday life?

The obvious ones would be the save/load function, debated to ashes as a convenient tool against lover’s tricky questions, being run over in traffic and lottery numbers if you could remember what happened before you loaded. That is nice tools to have and do you want to see it being used and misused to comedy effect, go watch Bruce the Almighty.

Other features would be character customization, a nice feature seen it bucket loads of RPG’s to great effect for the casual community. Upside would be no painful operations and dangerous side effects. Downside would be that you wouldn’t know how your friends look in a week. Middle ground, there would be so many perfectly fit women that the words “messed up lesbian sex” would be embroiled on the national flag. I am not sure that I see that many downfalls with that, libido aside… I can see many ways that could be misused since a personality is and will forever be a personality no matter how you look. I know people use the phrase “Rotten to the core” often, without really weighing its deep and cruel meaning.

Third idea would of course be quick-travel. Who doesn’t hate traveling and find it… convenient to skip the boring traveling part so they can enjoy the destination for a longer period of time. Who wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere at the blink of an eye. A teleportation machine that could make you reappear miles away in a instant. You are late for work dear! Fuck no, I got 4 seconds to work… the machine is already charged in the hallway and I already ate your breakfast woman! How does that dystopian future sound? Nice I bet…

Since we are taking the obvious points of games, ignoring arrows to various parts of the leg, why not consider that most RPG games does not have the feature of aging. A horrible thing to imagine; that the excruciatingly annoying 12 year old boy with the deafening girlish squeak and the tendency to attack on random, would never grow older and or wiser. If there is no impending risk of being THE asshole, then why not ruin it for everyone else when you can? Making a real person respawn or jump into a clone that has the same rotten attitude as the previous brat would just make this planet unbearable and I feel obliged to go with Dr. Farnsworth. Some great features are not for everyone and no one likes everyone and those who we think ought to live forever, were only lucky enough to die before they ruined their reputation.

We praise Shakespeare for his stories, we sit in awe of Mozart and Beethoven and we grovel in the mere thought of Aristotle and Socrates. How would they have turned out in this day and age? Would we have praised Shakespeare for his Broadway show about bitches and money? Listened to Mozart’s Industrial Acid hit: Gangrene, a new type of vegetables? Short answer… no!
There is a long debate about these mentioned artists and their claim to fame, but I am not here to debate that. I am just trying to make the point about eternal life being whatnot boring and volatile in the wrong hands. I will not start the discussion about wars and that lot living longer than expected, that would just be a powder keg on several levels.

Is there anything else we would enjoy if we could have gaming related features in our lives? A Guybrush related down your pants, unlimited storage facility you say? Of course you don’t. You have only heard about ‘Monkey Island’ in a reference long time ago and for that I spurn you and send you all the evil glares I can muster. Go play that game, it is funny, enthralling world for a point a click adventure and most importantly… it is fucking funny! Back to the subject; a unlimited level of carry or limited if you fancy a little challenge. The point of this is often that you cannot see or feel the items you are carrying. I have a carry capacity of 300? That car only weighs 220cc? Awesome! Down my pants with the lamp post and a year’s supply of meow mix you go!

I would love that feature, even in the never games where you can see the items worn by the disgruntled character, they still do not weigh them down or interfere with their movements during anything they might imagine doing. Carrying a shotgun to town? Fuck it! As long as you don’t point it in my face while we talk about interesting subjects like the elaborate tutorial of using a vending machine, I am okay with it!

This is getting silly. I know! I want it to be silly. I love silly. Tell me more about silly! Tell me more about the aspect of humor. Tell me more about comedy. Tell me more about ancient Egypt. I am done talking about Egypt; let us talk about something else. Goodbye.

Just a minor sidestep, but I promise it will still be in the gaming spirit. Am I surrounded by NPC’s? I get the feeling when I go out shopping and see the same people walk their dogs at the same time every day. Would the world be a better place if you knew half of them were NPCs?
Is there a comforting lie in hoping that mediocre lives and pointless tasks in our normal lives are done by people who doesn’t think about them or feel bad for doing that same shit over and over? When we see a NPC in a game we do not pity them, they are not real. But they do the same job over and over, not mentioning that silly habit the real players have for grinding valuables like freaking NPC’s themselves. No I am talking about those who never go anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary.
Since we are very different people and thank quis locus for that! I have a hard time seeing the point of doing the same thing every day over and over for no gratification than to survive the increasing cost of household living. Why not look for something new? Why not try something different? Why not eat something beside meatloaf on Wednesday? Where is the thrill and piazzas? (I know the squares daddy-o)

Suddenly I feel like a NPC in a world of active people, but my brain is telling me that I have nothing to worry about, someone is less fortunate than me so I should just be happy for what I got! Hey… I think it is trying to trick me… damn… no it isn’t… or…

We will never truly understand why people are doing what they are doing and why mock anyone for not understanding the reason they are doing whatever they chose to do. I am really feeling rotten at this moment. The people I have tut’ted for acting un-accordingly to my standards. How dare I be the moral highground for anyone but myself and that inflated a limping ego it brings being a smartass?

Getting back on track…? Why are we doing this? Who are we doing all this for?

I think I lost the game…

Game Over!