Everything is awry as usual – Nothing new under that sun

Everything is awry as usual – Nothing new under that sun

I am trying to tell myself something and I slowly understand what it is… or at least I know that it is in a readable and or audible language. Have you ever felt like your own thoughts were impossible to put into words or simply being incapable to put words on something you already have a deeper understanding off?

Tonight’s subject is far from new, but it is still close to my heart… or my day if anything… I will put in a translation of each line as my art form of tonight is limericks.

I mean art form in the broadest term as can possibly be measured, but hey… we are all having fun here, why bicker?

A little introduction to the shaping of this hullabaloe. My plan was to find a way to turn anger into fun through context instead of content.

Without further ado! 4 verses and a bow:

I now share this righteous oration __________ I will tell you about my virtuous story
Of trivial and narquois occasion _____________ It is a mocking tale we heard before
It tears me asunder _______________________ It touches me deeply
Repeating a blunder ________________________ That I didn’t learn anything by it
I show you this crude indignation _______________ A poorly unjust presentation

Strained by this juxtaposition ______________ Torn between these feelings are tiresome
Inclined for a predisposition _________________ For all that I’ve done I can say this
I mean them all well ________________________ I don’t mind them as people
As they ride off to hell ________________________ But their work ethics are rotten to the core
I even pay price of admission ____________________ Even I am not above schadenfreude

I have no right feeling irate _________________ Not my place to be angry
Berating is not for debate ____________________ Not the place to talk about other people
Room for demology __________________________ We should use our time to study each other
Or dendrochronology __________________________ I will learn more studying the age of a tree
I promise my tongue is abate _____________________ I think I have reached the thin red line

A alamort state of alate _____________________ Feeling half dead of late
My thoughts me now asphyxiate _______________ These thoughts suffocate me
I yell Jactitation _____________________________ I want just want them to wake up and work
A realization _________________________________ But I finally come to the conclusion
Pursue one before it is too late ____ Seek elsewhere when innovation and management stagnates