Everything is awry as usual – A dangerous sociopath to go down…

Everything is awry as usual – A dangerous sociopath to go down…

Well for this weeks lesson kids, it will be about the obsession to influence other peoples lives for the benefit of a mild internet erection.

One of the new waves that is slowly growing on the internet is putting your lives out on the internet. That is far from new, but this time with a small and potentially dangerous twist. It has become a trend to let internet groups, or fan’s if you are brave enough to call it that, decide various parts of your daily life. People tell about how they are doing mindbogglingly and arbitrary tasks and wants their fans to decide either how to do it, or if they should do it at all, or even allow them to add something usually stupid to make it view worthy.

I am not referring blindly to the current peer pressure that facebook is a part of, telling people to do bodily harming things like taking a spoon of cinnamon or jumping into the ocean. I honestly don’t think people are stupid, but putting aside your own well being for the right to say that you did a task that could end up giving you a disadvantage for life IS! If you want a comment on, why they shouldn’t do it because you only live once… then hang yourself, it is silent, solo and memorable.

Back to the Sociopaths. This subculture of people using their spare time to watch others live their lives, waiting eagerly on the second they can take part of it or make a influence that will effect the mark or pseudo celebrity if you will, is called prowling and pouncing. Waiting invisible on the internet usually makes people brave enough to give heinous idea’s on what to do and sure enough, some pseudo celebrities are desperate enough to do whatever their followers blurt out at them.

This is where the stupid psycho’s and the intelligent sociopaths differ. The point of interaction. A bored child would ask a desperate… okay lets call them a internet celebrity… to jump on a skateboard and try to make a Slide or a Ollie. They will obviously think about it in the remaining time before they found their skateboard and jumped out the window; head first to get outside fast enough for their fans not to get bored.

There are those who would suggest that they should scare their friends or family to record their reaction, creating a mistrust and gorge between the… sigh… internet celebrity and their physical friends. This is where it slowly goes into Sociopath territory.

[Please do not let this be a recipe list for alienating people and look at it as the silly rage that I see it.]

A way to destroy someone is making a string of tasks they should follow by scaring, confusing and tricking family and friends, eventually isolating them because their real life is getting sick of their shit. By that the person will rely more and more on the internet fans and the evolving subculture, getting the illusion that their stupid ideas are the only friendly interactions they want to listen to.
By this a completely harmless… internet celebrity can be pushed into a corner and turn literally hostile towards the real world getting told by “invisible” people that he/she is too good for this world and that everyone else are wrong. By this the fans or a specific fan have taken control. Now it becomes dangerous. People pushed into a corner and whispered sweet lies are a time bomb. They will go into depressive states that will leave them desperate for acknowledgement and the smart Sociopath will give them enough to crave more. The table has turned and the poor target is now either prompted for suicide or running into a mosque… Crap that escalated quickly.

Too sum up my thoughts about this… I know you are desperate for attention, but do not take the sole advise of people you can’t see. I know you can interact with people most places on the internet, but dear listener… the people on the internet lie… they lie through their teeth and will trick you beyond oblivion if you don’t take their advise with a bucket of salt.

Do not mistake courtesy for love and don’t be fooled by the ones with the harmless suggestions. If it evolves beyond the small silly suggestions, watch them closer than they watch you. You can understand a lot about the way people write and suggest, so don’t let them take you into the woods and NEVER COMPROMISE YOUR REAL FAMILY AND FRIENDS, they are the only ones that will help you if you need real advice or help!