Everything is awry as usual – Leisure Sickness

Everything is awry as usual – Leisure Sickness

Everything is normal as always in the good ol' USIA (United Society of Internet Assholes) or Denmark if you ask Shakespeare. I never completely understood why this place was mentioned in Hamlet, but it put us on the world map… for people who wanted to read Willy's work. Not that i am complaining or tangential. He made a long and violent story where people could die and love and die for love… I think I just found the reason for all our extremely crummy series. There has been two good series 'made in Denmark' in the last 50 years and they both suck!

Willy, why you no talk about Germans instead, they can't be bad people. Look at all the money they are pouring into the European Union. But I digress, digest and di-… I want to use the word Boon more often, I like that word.

Before the white flag of target practice is raised I just want to make clear that I don't care much for anything these days. I am tired, I am stressed out of my skull and I am sick as flipping usual!

The point of this little adorable mutant baby of a post, with all it's Halloween like spirit, displaying verbal vomit, skeletons on the closets and ghosts in the very empty attic, is that I want to talk about something I hold very close to my Lungs. Sickness.

Being asthmatic, problematic, chromatic, melodramatic, phlegmatic, EMPHATIC and a boon to the promotion of prolonged verbal bullhonkey; I have found myself downed by stress or pneumonia and all its cousins. For some illogical and annoying reason I am having problems with my lungs and throat in weekends or when I have any kind of vacation and or break for work. Why is that, if I may ask the question for you to speed this excruciatingly slow train of thoughts along a railroad made of pudding and beer coupons?

Leisure Sickness is not an actual sickness in class with my so-called pneumonia or hilarious forms of cancer, like the man from Australia who had cancer in his left leg which got amputated after a crocodile attack. Leisure Sickness is more in the category of the stress and homespun mental illnesses we think to develop ourselves to get by in this world of uncaring businesses. On that note I feel that people are forgetting what a clinical psychosis really is! There are too many fearing being nuts because they have nothing else to occupy their time… am I such a nut… does it take one to know one? Can I say yes or no if I don't know?

To make it clear for us all and bring this strange thought back on track for the two seconds I am able to keep it there I will try to explain what Leisure Sickness actually is in the eyes of the "professionals."

[Here is a link if you want their long explanations: http://articles.latimes.com/2007/dec/31/health/he-leisure31]

For one; it is workaholics having trouble adapting to the non-demanding lifestyle, having free time on their hands. Their head and body can't cope with the issue of having nothing to do in contrast to their highly demanding life. This theory leans against the Paradise Syndrome (look it up)

Secondly there is the theory on the body being able to suppress biological warnings and signs of illnesses.The brain does not allow your body to have those kind of interruptions. When the body and mind finally have time to relax, the symptoms will break through and "crash" the host. (It's getting nerdy i know.)

To put it in plain English: You will feel sick because you have time to be sick. You were sick before, but your determination was powerful enough to trick your mind. Now that is scary if true! So we can be sick and not know it. We can ignore or diminish our own sense of un-wellbeing? I am surprised and disappointed over my body, but for different reasons… still I find this mind blowing that we are our own worst enemy.

We are so close to ourselves and still able to lie? I know so much crap about me, if I would lie to myself about something as important as sickness, what else would I hide from me? I could live a second life I never know about… could this be the reason I am always tired, I never get the chance to sleep!

If I would lie to myself about my health, why not lie about my age? I feel like an old man, my bones rattle and my knees hurt? Am I 31 or 81?

What if I lie about my personality? I find sarcastic and subtle humor ferociously funny and I glorify anyone who can talk about the hate towards others being nearly as bad as towards themselves. What if that is a lie? Maybe I don't like sarcastic humor! Maybe I never knew what sarcasm is, like the rest of USIA and their dog?

Leisure… to sick to enjoy leisure time? I know that I always have projects to do and tend to start two before I finish one, but still… The way I see it I'm a sloppy emetophobe, I hate being sick and don't care enough to throw up about it. I fail to see the relevance in fearing sickness, as it would make you sick being sick… a meta pun in the making. I tend to get sick around fall and winter, but isn't that because of the unstable, cold and awful weather? Haven't they placed all the fucking holidays in the cold months? Yes they have! September to May…

I will not ignore the trend of Neo-Illnesses and strange psychological development catered to a lazy bastard who hate's everyone nearly as much as I hate them. To make up a series of mental diseases to compensate for a lack of feeling "normal" due to overexposure of soaps and sitcoms with "normal" families, are as pitiful as the denial of your children strugling from obesity being a problem because you are fat yourself!

If I am able to lie to myself, then I might lie about other things too! The only thing I know for sure is that I lied about the Australian man… How do you lie to yourself?

Does the mask of sarcasm or the chuckle of irony desensitize you? Can we become better people by looking inward or are we just making excuses? Are we laughing at others because it is not us getting hurt and deep down enjoy being better than everyone else?

It is said that you only truly know yourself in a crisis or watching Dr. Phil. Are we ready to seek a crisis to find ourselves or are we scared of the person we might find at the end of that bloody rope? I have never been in a life threatening crisis so I can only imagine myself handle a fictitious emergency, but on the other hand… I have stared so long into the mirror before; that my reflection left before I did.

Happy Halloween