Theme: I Have a Love Hate Relationship

Theme: I Have a Love Hate Relationship

I do not. I do not have a love hate relationship. Or I have a love hate relationship with everything in life. Take your pick.

I hate, but in no way love, the totalitarian school of thought that you must either love or hate something, with nothing in between. Either complete infatuation, or complete loathing. To me, the platonic way of thinking about things, i. e. love is the least degree of hate, good is the least degree of evil and vice versa, etc. etc. is the natural way of thinking things. I mean, there are plenty of things I like, but there are few things I truly love. And everything has an asterisk, a footnote. And it should!

I super hate, but I do not super love, the notion that just because you like something does not mean that something is above and no longer subject to criticism. In my world, everything is subject to criticism, no matter how petty it may seem. Yes, advanced lesson for the SJW’s out there making the Internet a worse place to entertain yourself one meanderingly mind-numbingly dumb forum post/YouTube comment at a time: You can like something and still critique it. And you can critique something and still like it. Just because something is flawed, yes, it is no longer flawless (get a dictionary if this confuses you), but that does not mean it is not good (the least degree of bad). It just means you have a preference the producer/author/designer/editor/whatevor does not.

That in no way diminishes the work. It is your subjetive opinion about your own preference and thus nothing becomes objectively bad. Nuance takes brain cells, people, but this is immediately imminent if you get up Feminist Frequency on YouTube and sift through the comment section. If you do so, before you attempt a stage dive out the nearest window, it is apparent that one ought never stoop to an idiot’s level. Never do that. They will beat you with experience.

Now, back to the topic at hand. There are only few things I love. More things I like, a lot of shit I tolerate and there is a vast catalogue of drivel I dislike, ranging from mild annoyance to outright hate, yes. But everything I dislike, I also like in a kind of way, because most of everything has potential to be something I would personally enjoy. I feel like I need a “for instance” to drive home this point. Here are a few inconsequential choices (nothing deeply personal):

I am weary that my phone has so many ways it tries to keep tabs on me over the net, when all I need is a calling device and text messaging. That said, I find myself from time to time kinda-sorta lost, and being able to then go online and get directions or find information on-the-fly is handy.

I tire of laundry, but at the same time I enjoy clean and freshly folded clothes to put on every morning.

I am a passionate fan of strategic collectible card games (looking at you, Magic: the Gathering), but I also feel they are clearly cash-grabs more than they are games.

And I absolutely adore Eurovision, even though it is tacky, kitschy, over-the-top and ridiculous, more so for each passing year.

Having stated all this, there are things in this world that I struggle to find a single redeeming quality in and should just disappear out of this world, if you ask me. Selfies, for example. Boiled Brussels sprouts, too.

And turmeric. Tasteless curry-coloured lying pinch of shit to put in any dish. Use curry instead. If not, then use nothing in its place. Just sprinkle some air. Or piss in it. That is also yellow and does not taste of curry.

… if it does taste of curry, seek medical attention.